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Oct 9, 2013 8:00am EDT
of agnostics or atheists. there was no religion practiced at home. nobody i really knew around me was religious, my family members. it kind of left almost like a blank slate to find something at some point in my life. i was fortunate enough to be in a place where there was a monastery nearby, so i was able to study with some of the monks and rinpoches. what they said had a tremendous weight for me. it made more sense than putting like, one god or whatever, a practice, that way. this was really an internal practice of, like, trying to learn these kind of -- the dharma, the life lessons, and to find a way to see life in a new perspective. to actually look out at the world in a new and elevated way. surehat, to me -- i'm people find solace that way in their religions, especially if they have been raised in something -- but since i never was, it was kind of like, you know, pick something. [laughter] that was the one that made most sense to me really. tavis: speaking of picking things, one of the things that you picked -- maybe it picked you -- beyond your thespian chops is this wonderful gift you h
Oct 15, 2013 12:50am EDT
across america when it comes to establish religions, established christian religions and gay and whether or not that it's acceptable? >> guest: if you look at american history you find reactions across the entire spectrum. you find open hostility and you find great silent discomfort. you find embrace. it really depends on where you look. the thing about all of this is though most of these people are trying their best to do what they think is right and i think the motive does matter in a lot of the situations. most people are trying to be loving even if it doesn't feel like love to some of the rest of us. >> host: can you give an example? >> guest: so the hardest example for people to accept from westborough baptist church in topeka kansas. when i went very very much wanted to dislike the church. they are so angry. it seems like they are so hateful and yet they tried to explain to me that what they are doing is out of love because they believe that they have been instructed to love their neighbor and how can you love your neighbor more than to tell them that they are going to hell but the
Oct 9, 2013 8:30am EDT
the lower court found to be an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion. >> father alex bradshaw from our mother of sorrows church will say our prayer for this evening. father bradshaw. >> reporter: father alex bradshaw is typical. >> we acknowledge the saving sacrifice of jesus christ on the cross. we draw strength, vitality and confidence from his resurrection at easter. jesus christ, who took away the sins of the world, destroyed our debt, through his dyingnd in his rising, he has restored our life. blessed are you who has raised up the lord jesus. >> reporter: that the message is predominantly christian should be of no concern, says supervisor auberger, because anyone can give the prayer and say whatever they please. >> if anyone at any time during my 15 and a half years as supervisor were to come and want to be able to offer the prayer, then we would have definitely obliged them. >> reporter: you don't censor or control anything that they say? >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: what if somebody were to come in and say, "believe in jesus or you're going to burn in hell forev
FOX News
Oct 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
pain to american military families. later, why is the american media so insulting about religion? we'll tell you upcoming. >>reporter: there is breaking news now from the fox news desk. i'm shepard smith. senate leaders have now restarted negotiations in an attempt to solve the nation's budget mess. that's the word late tonight from majority leader harry reid's office. we hear they could announce a deal in matter hours. all of this after a measure in the house of representatives fell apart when republicans complained that the bill did not make enough changes to the president's health care law. it had been shaping up to be a late night for lawmakers. our capitol hill producer counted at least 21 boxes of pizza arriving to the g.o.p.'s leadership headquarters. with the vote now on hold, that producer says it is as fuzzy as he has ever seen things on capitol hill in some two decades covering congress. so, for now, the senate restarts talks that just happened. house leaders tell us there will be no votes tonight but the senate may still be in play. i'm shepard smith. more breaking news u
Oct 7, 2013 9:00pm CDT
symbols. >> if we want freedom of religion in this country we have to respect one another's beliefs. it is not ok to bash people of other faiths. >> we made the burger for a band. we do not have any partiality to any of religion or anything against anybody. we did it because we like the band. >> in a statement the restaurant's management vowed to stand their ground but they did make it $1,500 donation to cap the charities. >> they should be able to do what they want. >> advertisements disguised as games are proving very affective and all to read this eating habits of youngin altering the f young people. the evolving relationship between latinos and religion. we take a look at the new $100 bill that goes into circulation tomorrow. the recent increase in cafeteria prices is not cool. when you vote for flo, we'll have discounts. ice-cream discounts. multi-cookie discounts. pizza loyalty discounts! [ kids chanting "flo!" ] i also have some great ideas on car insurance. [ silence ] finding you discounts since back in the day. call or click today. i like her. on-line video games might be
Oct 14, 2013 12:00pm PDT
the federal poverty line. her father struggles to support them. >> what i have is my religion. you know. and through my religion i've learned to not be materialistic. if you have all the things you need instead of things you want, knowledge is more important than materials. >> people in the bay area may know more than most about the plight of tibetans. they're not allowed to practice their own religion or speak their own language. the tibetan religious leader the the dahli lama cannot go home. >> tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest their treatment under the chinese government. >> i'm scared if this keeps going someday there won't be a tibet. >> reporter: she wants to give tibetans a voice. . >> i've lived in a country where there's no freedom. and i'm living in a country that has freedom. so i see the difference. >> she wants to go into medicine and work in undeveloped countries. ou would like to hel area kids like h her family does not have the money to send her to college. if you would like to help her and other bay area kids like her get a college education go to our web
Oct 14, 2013 5:30am PDT
to other religions. in 2008, a local christian newspaper was banned in using the word allah in referring to god. now the jury is in and the staff that "the herald" are back where they started. they say it is not about religion but about linguistics. >> god is an integral part of every religion we have, and allah -- in the middle east and in tunisia, it is a term that is used by more christians and muslims. the language is a language -- allah itself is a borrowed word. >> while muslim rights groups hope the court decision will in the matter to an end, "the herald" is not throwing in the towel. they hope to bring the case to the country's highest court. >> francois hollande is in south africa today, the aim to talk energy and conflict. the french president wants greater talks on african crises. a number of important contracts being signed. our correspondent is traveling with the french president. tell us about the details that franÇois hollande has announced in terms of what is being signed. >> the french president announced during a joint press conference with south african counterparts,
Oct 13, 2013 8:30am EDT
. >> for "religion and ethics newsweekly," i'm lucky severson in jackson, mississippi. >>> we have a profile today by bob faw on the enormously successful crime novelist james lee burke. his characters reveal the worst of human behavior, but his themes are classic and sometimes biblical. the mystery of evil. the struggle for salvation. >> james lee burke now 76 not only pounds a speed bag nearly an hour every day, he also still writes feverishly every day. turning out novels which have sold more than 10 million copies. burke's crime stories are modern morality plays about a world which is in his words intransgent and corrupt, where rust destroy and thieves break in and steal. >> i write about the world i know, and i try to write it in an accurate fashion. >> burke has been called america's best novelist, but success didn't come easy. one of his early books was passed around two publishers for nine years. >> it was rejected by 111 editors. and it's a record in new york. this is the most rejected book in the history of publishing. everyone says that. >> once published it was nominated for the pulitz
Oct 12, 2013 6:00am EDT
not subscribe to the concept of freedom of religion. ,o word they use more often now freedom of worship. to the untrained eye freedom of worship and freedom of religion sound like the same tank, but they are not. if you want to go to your church , look at the obamacare mandates. walk out of the church, even if it is next door to a ministry, you are mine. tellsll do what the state you to do, not what your conscience does. this is a descendent of the french revolution. this is the america they want to transform us to. go look at europe, which is dying. one out of four west european children.- women have every generation, europe is cut in half. for every two people, they are having one child. this is the future they see because declining population is a good thing. we are not harming mother earth. to tell me they do not have a religion. it is not the religion most americans believe in. everybody has a religion. that is why they are trying to silence you. the secular religion is ok, but yours is not. gentlemen, i am here at the value voters because , the issues are what you are here to defe
Oct 13, 2013 11:50am EDT
that is nebulous. it is the weak minded religion of the palette. the human mind is the flesh coming around to chemicals. tina bennett calls us moist robot. [laughter] sometimes i think scientists don't see their own sense of humor. i don't think he's kidding. with enough money in computing powers, the jigsaw puzzle of the brain will be completed and we will know what we are and how we should act. the problem is to know just who it is that continues to believe in retail this enlightened story. is this for science in such things or is it just a popular science thinks? or is it simply an abuse of science by people with social and political agenda. i think the varied and unknowable decreases all three. it is certainly historically what most scientists in our heart of hearts have not and still. it is usually the fundamental assumption of popular science and science journalism and it is certainly an abuse of the real value of science is one of the great ongoing human endeavors. it is in its essence sciences ideology over science as it is often called. fortunately, scientism takes to comfortable
Oct 13, 2013 6:30pm EDT
como un hÉroe de los que habitaron la tierra mucho antes que las apagadas religiones de la civilizaciÓn infectada en el alma de la humanidad! >> no! >> calla tus alaridos, insignificante despojo humano. >> bien, me irÉ. >> mira cÓmo me voy! >> ahora. (gritos). >> otra descarga. >> no responde, no hay suficiente energÍa. hay un campo electromagnÉtico opuesto. >> quÉdense ahÍ porque en solo unos segundos regresamos con, cinescape. >> continuamos con, cinescape. >> entren a atacar al blanco! muÉvanse! (sonido ambiente (sonido ambiente (sonido ambiente >> estÉn listos! >> rÁpido, rapido! >> sÍ, seÑor! (disparos). >> los localicÉ en el radar, lago pierre. >> llamen a la fuerza especial. >> 3-4 de inmediato. >> sÍ. (sonido ambiente (gruÑidos). (musica) (chapuzÓn). (gruÑidos). (musica) >> eso es, sigue peleando. entre mÁs pelees, mas de ti obtengo yo. >> quÉ raro. hay una baja exagerada de temperaturas pero hay actividad radiolÓgica simultÁnea. >> absorben del ambiente la energÍa. >> tranquilÍzate. cÁlmate. >> duerme ahora, bruce, y olvida para siempre. ya no luc
Oct 14, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. it doesn't matter that your religion says this is wrong. we know better. this government knows better. and we're going to force you -- force you -- to spend that money to provide a service that you whole heartedly disagree with. does that sound like the american way to you? does that sound like the american way to any of us? absolutely not. yet somehow we're viewing this as acceptable. waiverers in politically connected has been talked about. as long as you got good friend that's either in the white house or at health and human services, we can probably work something out for you. how does that feel? now today, though we finally maybe got to the root of it. the senate had been going along, no negotiations, no negotiations, no negotiations, oh, but if you want to spend some more money, if you want to roll back those automatic across the board cuts that we had agreed to two years ago, maybe we'll start talking about some reforms. that's what it is. as we talked about. this is about spending. this is about a group of people that want to see government grow. they want to see the footprint
Oct 12, 2013 7:00pm EDT
collusion, i think we have come to understand that religion forms the world view out of which an executive leader leads. the decision they make. what they choose, what they believe about the middle east, what they believe about morality and everything from sex to education to family to foreign poll. so i don't think is a little side study of presidential study. i don't think it's adjust little sub field. i think we're reading increasingly that the presidential faith is something that is really important. sometimes i think we probably wish we have known about president's faith before got elected or ran. so these -- this is just not an area of bigotry. it's not trying to figure out where do i distribute the person or how can i oppose them theologically. it's about understanding all what we want to understand about how man thinks or woman thinks a they head to role that shape our society. i want to say before i goat lincoln's life. if you have the book, you'll notice it's dedicatedded to the student and faculty at berlin american high school. i went there in berlin, germany. one of the few pe
Oct 12, 2013 2:00am EDT
, this is about your religion. elsewhere in syria, islamic rebels have filmed beheadings of their captives. they have filmed themselves eating the heart of their enemy. two christian bishops have been kidnapped, and one priest was recently killed. these rebels are allies of the islamic rebels that president obama is now arming. we are now arming islamic rebels who are allied with al qaeda that attacked us on 9/11. does that make any sense at all? >> no! >> american tax dollars should never be spent to prop up a war on christianity, but that is what is happening now across the globe. as christians, we should fight against any tax dollars funding any persecution of christians. [applause] in zanzibar, a tiny little island off the coast of africa, a priest was recently shot in the head on his way to church by two muslim youths. a message by the muslim renewal said we thank our young men, trained in somalia, for killing the infidel. many more will die. we will burn homes and churches. we will not finish. at easter, be prepared for disaster. in kenya, muslims broke the legs of a pastor. in indon
Oct 10, 2013 6:00pm EDT
, viewers were outraged by the super bowl halftime show's blatant display of religion and decency. you try to raise your kids as secular humanists, but these showbiz types keep shoving religion down our throats! mommy, why wasn't i baptized? you see? you see? i thought america was hungry for meaning. i should've just sent a crocodile into space like i originally planned. ( groans ) homie, i think you did great, and to celebrate, i made omelets from the eggs people threw at our house. dig in, everybody. omelets for dinner? this is the best day of my life. really? didn't you just sign a $90 million contract? that was a good day, too. captioned by media access group at wgbh homer: welcome to the homer simpson showboating academy. today, we're working on poor sportsmanship. but i like to stand for good sportsmanship. quiet, you. yes, sir. shh!
Oct 13, 2013 8:00am EDT
literature is about the search for salvation. >>> major funding for "religion and ethics newsweekly" is provided by the lilly endowment an indianapolis private family foundation, dedicated to its founders' interest in religion, communi communi communi community development and education. and the retirement company. >>> welcome, i'm bob abernethy. good to have you with us. as the government shutdown entered the second week, many religious leaders ramped up their criticism of lawmakers in washington. a coalition of 98 leaders accused elected officials of pursuing an ideological agenda at the expense of vulnerable families and the working poor. several christian leaders staged what they called a faithful filibuster near the u.s. capitol. where they continuously read bible passages about caring for the poor. >> if you mistreat the poor, you insult your creator. if you are kind to them, you show him respect. >> meanwhile, religious conservatives rallied in washington at the annual values voters summit. activists reaffirmed their support for federal budget cuts and their opposition to the
Oct 13, 2013 10:00pm EDT
religion, christianity and american christianity to be sure. you need to know something about judea's some within the current world coming nothing about islam isn't acceptable. learn something about hindu and buddhism, have a sense of what most people build their lives around. it's absolutely critical to understanding them, sympathizing with them and being an effective citizen of this that is now becoming more and more a global kind of environment. so it seems to me that jefferson is entirely right to have created a university that is devoted to to citizenship. we in the humanities can help develop the citizens in ways that people dare i say in the sciences like my apple computer i'm glad i've got a polio vaccine. but nonetheless, nonetheless, we are in the position to do this. it's a particularly rich acquisition and it seems to me that it is worth in itself the only justification for the humanities the would be enough. though we do more than that as well. we in the humanities help our students and help ourselves to do what socrates said we ought to do and that is quite simply to know our
Oct 13, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of globalization to manipulate religion to achieve their political aim. >> as the radical politicalization of ideology. not a spiritual or religious one. calling some fundamentalism somewhere they also have their own diverse cities as they could have certain shared characteristics. with the imposition this sense that i called the muslim law are unitary monolithic imposed almost a rare. and what they would dispute entirely by their definition and by that you did terry version of what they advocate. a and we find that manifestly in political parties by in response to these movements of the contemporary period they seem to offer only two choices the open discriminatory flawed characters -- characterization the it is inherently fundamentalist and that is clearly not only offensive but just plain wrong and unfortunately on the left as ball sometimes the responses are too politically correct even to broach the topic of fundamentalism as -- out all. in to do a grave disservice to those the other living on the front lines provide try to create another way to talk about this in the west. as a backd
FOX News
Oct 8, 2013 10:00am PDT
to commemorate historical figures and the ohio chapter and group called freedom from religion sued to take it down. they call today a violation of the first amendment. the display of the portrait has the effect of enforcing one religion and tangling them in religious affairs and violating the personal consciouses of plaintiffs. moreover the partrait of jesus taken down. it was not put thereby the school district 66 years ago but the student group that gifted the artwork. the school district decided to cave in and agreed to settle the case rather than continue to spending taxpayer dollars. who are the plaintiffs? two students and throw parents anonymous and they will get 3,000 and the aclu and freedom from religion will picture 80,000 in legal fees just to go away and of course, the portrait of jesus goes away. n$95,000 later that's what you get? >> problems persist as the americans try to sign up for the new obama care exchanges and the white house said it that is why they are so popular. >> this is large volume and no question that there is large volume and they are rough estimates. >> we
Oct 12, 2013 7:00am PDT
struggles to support them. >> what i have is my religion, you know, and through my religion, i have learned to not be materialistic. if you have all the things you need instead of the things you want, knowledge is more important than materials. >> reporter: people in the bay area may know more than most about the plight of tibetans. they're not allowed to practice their own religion or speak their own language. the tibetan religious leader, the dalai lama cannot go home. but the pictures are dozens of tibetans, who have set themselves on fire to protest their treatment under the chinese government. >> i'm scared that if this keeps going, someday there won't be a tibet. >> reporter: pasan wants to give tibetans a voice. >> i lived in a country where there is no freedom, and i'm living in a country that has freedom, so i see the difference. >> reporter: she wants to go into medicine and work in undeveloped countries. wendy tokudo, kpix 5. >> now, her family doesn't have the money to send her to college. if you would like to help her and other kids in the bay area like her go to get a college
Oct 15, 2013 6:30pm EDT
think there's a lot of religions that do that. well, that may be, meg, but that poor little baby has cancer, and they're just gonna take him home and pray over him?! well, that's what they do. they believe that disease is just an illusion. and the only way to fight it is to make your faith stronger. illusions?! you want to talk about illusions?! if you die tomorrow, you think we're gonna be devastated! but you know what?! we're just gonna go out and buy another dog! and maybe this dog will fetch a stick and bring me my slippers instead of prattling on about the pros and cons of various religions! chris, i think you've had too much sugar cereal. i think i haven't had enough! peter, i have to go talk to the jennings and ask them to reconsider getting treatment for scotty. i'm going with you, lois. yeah, i'll go, too. all right, but try to keep your mouth shut, okay? you have a habit of saying the wrong thing. during his 22-year reign, this french monarch known as "the spider king" had an ongoing feud with charles the bold, duke of burgundy. peter? who was king louis xii? ooh, i'm sorry
Oct 13, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, religion and the strong ties to the bay area. >>> no deal between b.a.r.t. and its unions but no strike either. unions announcing they are not walking off the job for tomorrow morning's commute. the deadline is now midnight on tuesday. nbc bay area's money francis in oakland with the very latest. what's going on? >>> the bottom line is that union leaders say they will not go on strike and b.a.r.t. trains will run. the deadline is moving to mit you need tomorrow. union officials came out to deliver the message they would not strike tomorrow. b.a.r.t. management made a fourth and final offer and then walked away from the table. so the lawmakers in on negotiations criticized b.a.r.t. for this and asked the transit agency to withdraw that offer so the talks could continue. you'll recall they declared a strike notice on thursday and that's where the midnight deadline came from. the unions agreed to delay the strike but so far it does not appear that b.a.r.t. is willing to withdraw its last offer. >> we've given them two weeks to consider the offer. take it to a vote. we're open to any ideas
FOX Business
Oct 8, 2013 9:20am EDT
not be the law because i would argue -- prohibits the establishment of religion, doesn't prohibit government for recognizing the existence of religion and the role religion has played in the moral and cultural development of the american people. stuart: is that happening in america today? one person object they win. judge napolitano: i bring it to charles, when elliot spitzer held up wall street there wasn't a single from al and wall street gave hundreds of millions to that crook because people are afraid to defend themselves before the jury. the jury system is far fairer than these people -- charles: eight years from now are you arguing this in front of the supreme court? stuart: i want to hear that. charles: ridiculous -- stuart: charles, where have you been? thank you, judge, appreciate it. lawyers, listen to this, lawyers are ruining the country. everybody afraid of lawsuits and now kids can't play ball or do cartwheels at school, the top trial lawyer in the country is going to be here and we will make him defend his profession next. ♪ [ bagpipes and drums playing over ] [ music transi
Oct 10, 2013 12:00am PDT
: is there any religion in this. >> there's bags of religion. i was brought up in the irish catholic community. and, yes, there are. priest is more of the liberation than the right wing. >> rose: exactly. god would want you workers to rise up. is that the idea? >> yes. he's very much to the left wing of the church as i remember it in the 50's and 60's. >> rose: are you still a practicing catholic. >> no, no i'm not. i'm a devout musician. >> rose: that's your religion. >> that's my spiritual path. >> rose: what is it like, the connection that lives within you. >> music for me is a mystery. it's a constant journey to understanding and you never get to the end of harmony. it's what i use and will continue to use. >> rose: we do a story about the brain and one of the things that fascinates me is the connection between the music and the brain, a whole interesting thing. the imagery what you can see within the brain as sound and sight effective. >> i took part in a scientific and they use more of their brain to process music than people do which is interesting. in fact i can't have a conversat
Al Jazeera America
Oct 14, 2013 3:00am EDT
muslims can use the word alla to describe god and it's a decision that's inflamed religion tensions. florence is live for us. what is this all about, florence? >> reporter: well, this case was brought about because the catholic publication, the harold, objected to a ban that the home minister put in place saying that the word allow among other words is a word that can only be used by muslims. now, this is a court of appeals did he sings meaning a lower court found in favor of the catholic church but today's decision means the catholic church will no longer be able to use the word allah in their publication. it should be a decision that's only restrict to this. but there are wider implications of this decision. because the word allah is also used as the -- is a melee word for god and used in christian service and also used in melee language bibles so there is a concern that this decision could term the bases for other groups to argue that the word allah should not even be allowed to be useed in churches or even be allowed to be used in the language bible. and that is a main concern o
Al Jazeera America
Oct 7, 2013 9:00pm EDT
happen to be -- i look different an i have a different religion but that doesn't mean i have different values. >> and here on "america tonight" the stepped up pressure to solve one crisis an head off another. the latest oh on the government shut down and a second deadline now just days away. >>> a new week brings very little. the sh-t down enters a second week on tuesday. october 17th is looming. that is which the united states our entire government was default on its debt if congress and the the white house can't work out its differences. they are for heading tout debt ceiling. house speaker john boehner through down the gauntlet. >> there's no way we will pass the vote. the president is looking to fault by not having a conversation with us. >>> so under no circumstances will you pass it? >> we are not going back that path. >> washington is playing with fire. >> the american people have been fighting their way out of the worst recession sense the great depression. >> the economy is coming back. they don't need politics in washington to bring the economy down. >> but senator cruz is ur
Oct 7, 2013 8:00pm EDT
with prayers. the first edition says the congress shall make the law respecting the establishment of religion. thomas jefferson used the phrase wall of separation. yes, the kind of congress up until today had begun their meetings with prayer's brought by a minister, rabbi, or other religious figure. the question is how much prayer is too much? how much becomes a constitutional problem when it is seen by the courts to be advocating one religion over all others were denigrating other religions or excluding people. these are the concepts that the court looks at when they decide what level of prayer is acceptable. so this case does not challenge the concept of having prayer altogether before a public official meeting. it would be extraordinary if the court were to so find that they cannot have these prayers. they certainly would it expect it is acceptable. the question is whether the rules that this town used in selecting the people beat this constitutional standard. there is some indication that the supreme court will feel that the town was okay. the lower court found that they favored christian
FOX News
Oct 15, 2013 11:00am PDT
into the shut down scuffle. so is the chaplain crossing the line with religion in politics. we are going to ask our panel. look at father jonathan going at it. ♪ bring it on home to me yeah if you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tried sunsweet, the amazing prune. enjoy plum amazins, diced prunes. i'd put these on a salad. these would be perfect for cookies. delicious and nutritious sunsweet, the amazing prune. >>> fox news alert now new developments right now in the case of aaron hernandez. >> reporter: the girlfriend in court just a matter of 20 minutes on this arraignment. the court released her on recognizance. on the day after authorities found the dead man's body. the girlfriend received a call from the football player and the da says he told her remove a box from the basement. jen k kins is captured removing box and placing baby clothes on top of it. then she told the sisters she was going to the bank and then told them she was shopping for baby formula. and then told the jury she didn't know where she was going. released on her own recogniza e recognizance. >> thank you so much.
Oct 14, 2013 8:30am EDT
for a person more cowardly, despicable, weak and feeble in psyche, mind ideology and religion, we would not find anyone like that you. notice i do not say the israeli. he wants everyone to know it's jews that he objects to fundamentally. these are just not its from surveys, from statements about the extent of anti-semitism, and nuggets of the flavor of anti-semitism, what it contains, what it expresses, what its demonology is about jews. there is much, much, much more of this, and much more to know. and if we're going to understand this phenomenon, we want to know a lot of things, including the following. we want to know what anti-semitism is. we want to know why it exists and what causes it. we want to know how it functions in people's and in communities lives and in the politics of their countries. we want to know how it has been transformed the last two decades into this global anti-separatism which i will talk about. and we want to know what its features are today. i'm not going to go into all of this tonight. the book does. i'm going to focus on a few essential matters, particularl
Oct 11, 2013 6:00pm PDT
author reza aslan opens up about jesus, his struggle with religion and his ties to the bay area. the exclusive interview just ahead. >>> wide array of colors across the bay area as the sun sets. we'll take you out to the live hd sky camera network. looking incredible across palo alto. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we'll talk more about your cold mornings and how low it will go for saturday, coming up if a few minutes. >>> a halloween scare of sorts. the principal at hayes elementary canceled this year's halloween parade saying it took too much time away from learning. a move that has some parents horrified. teachers say the costumes and fun is a distraction. parents say it's a tradition. leading one mom to create a petition on to try to convince the administration to change its mind. teachers we spoke to this morning say parents should be petitioning for the arts, science and p.e. programs that have been cut instead. >> sense of community, unity. it builds the children's self-esteem. and, you know, walking in the parade. it builds their social skills. in being
Oct 13, 2013 7:00am PDT
ahead on "today in the bay," reza aslan opens up about jesus, his struggle with religion, and his his strong ties to the bay area. the exclusive interview just ahead. so what can i get you? we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey! >>> you're watching "today in the bay." >> a religious studies scholar who happens to be muslim has written a book about jesus. academically speaking, this is not really a big deal, however, it's become a big deal. his controversial interview on fox went viral and his book sales skyrocketed. he's sharing his views with us. we have the interview with san francisco product reza aslan. >> this is still home for me. >> reporter: home might be where his heart is, but his book and the controversy surrounding it i
Oct 11, 2013 6:00pm PDT
struggles to support them. >> what i have is my religion. you know? and through my religion i have learned to not be materialistic. if you have all the things you need instead of what you want, knowledge is more important than materials. >> reporter: people in the bay area may know more than most about the plight of tibetans. [ yelling ] >> reporter: they are not allowed to practice their religion on speak their own language. the religious leader the dalai lama cannot even go home. but the image that sticks in her mind are the pictures of dozens of at the bet tans who have self-immolated, set themselves on fire, to protest their treatment under the chinese government. >> i'm scared that if this keeps going someday there won't be a tibet. [ crying ] >> reporter: she wants to give tibetans a voice. [ applause and cheers ] >> i live in a century where there is no freedom and i'm living in a country that has freedom so i see the difference. >> reporter: she wants to go into medicine and work in undeveloped countries. her family does not have the money to send her to college. if you would like
Oct 9, 2013 3:30pm PDT
have gotten religion. it sounds like it's politics, that just a few months ago we can't fund head start. >> it's a billion in cuts. >> that's not funding head start. we're telling you that we're willing to fund the perhaps that you want to fund. >> let me ask you a -- >> you are cherry picking for politics. >> isn't this a bit of a trick? it does seem like you need to take these things that we complain about and -- what would stop it from opening up everything about obama care? this makes me feel very sad. why not just have a clean resolution? it should be a continuing resolution for the government. right? >> it seems to me that they were there for a reason. we were elected to stop the obama agenda. we have been very successful. we a divided government. i understand there is a frustration, but it amazes me that people continue to argue that only what the democrats want to do is what should be done in washington, d.c. when the american people elected us to also have our say. >> i find that just incredible. you want to pick and choose whatever it is you want to get done. >> isn't that the
Al Jazeera America
Oct 14, 2013 5:00am EDT
of state as well to pay tribute to the godess and this is part of the festival in the hindu religion and an important festival and pilgrims don't seem to be put off by this terrible tragedy that happened yesterday and going past in great numbers and paying tribute. >> thank you very much indeed, the sight of that pilgrimage. iran says work on the nuclear program will not be put on hold ahead of talks with world powers this week and they are urging the u.s. to ease sanctions in exchange for nuclear concessions. >> translator: we will not allow uranium to be suspended even for one day but the level of enrichment is negotiable and going abroad is the red line. >> reporter: the government will scale back plans for nuclear energy, under the policy sewell will produce 22% from nuclear plants and half the previous target and nuclear plants are under scrutiny since the fukushima reactor in japan was damaged in an earthquake and tsunami and we are in seoul. >> this is a study and recommendation and a strong one and comes with some sort of government approval in the fact it was a statement f
Al Jazeera America
Oct 14, 2013 11:00am EDT
in malaysia for years surrounding the use of allah or god. muslims say it is a term for their religion. and a landmark ruling could have a widespread repercussions for catholics. >> a three-man panel has unanimously decided that the word allah cannot be used by the catholic church in its ma lay language newspaper. the word allah is not just the arabic word for god, but it is the word for god in the ma lay language. in making its position the court said it has found no evidence that the word allah is integral to the christian faith and practice, and it is continued usage will only cause confusion among the community. now the christian community here is understandably unhappy with the decision. the editor of the catholic newspaper said that this represents a step backwards in fundamental liberties of the religious minorities, and he said there is no evidence to support the court's decision pointing to the fact that other muslim countries such as neighboring indonesia, which has the world's largest muslim population, allow christians and muslims to use the word allah. the word allah is wi
Al Jazeera America
Oct 8, 2013 12:00am EDT
different an i have a different religion but that doesn't mean i have different values. >> and here on "america tonight" the stepped up pressure to solve one crisis an head off another. the latest oh on the government shut down and a second deadline [[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. consider this. unconventional wisdom. what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >>they share it on the stream. >>social media isn't an afterthought. it drives discussion across america. >>al jazeera america social media community, on tv and online. >>this is your outlet for those conversations. >>post, upload, and interact. >>every night, share undiscovered stories. >>> a new week brings very little. the sh-t down enters a second week on tuesday. october 17th is looming. that is which the unit
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